W2Construction was founded by director Dave Brown, and together with his highly skilled team have more than 20 years of experience in the construction and renovation industry, and each providing a multiple set of skills which complement each other.

Between them, they have expertise in engineering, construction, building, maintenance, project management, design and 3D design.

They are all equally committed to providing excellent service to each and every project.


Managng Director
Dave Brown

Founder & Managing Director 

Dave is a bold outgoing character, who has diverse experience in many different sectors. A strong sporting background and your general "salt of the earth" type. Dave founded the company and has spent everyday since investing into the company and pushing W2 forward.

Jonathan Watts

Director of Design

Jonathan loves to drive morale everyday, and brings a strong creative element to the team. Has a cemented background in Design, and high end project management and delivery. Constantly looking for new innovations in technology to drive our ideas forward and seeking new opportunities to expand the business.

Gary Hawkins

Operations Director

Gary is the companies "right hand man", a people person and problem solver. A family man that will go beyond the extra mile for anyone. A diligent leader who is the undercurrent for ensuring systems, procedure and planning are all going to plan. and a meticulous project manager 

Rebecca Emanuelli


Rebecca is responsible for the day to day maintaining of all of our back of house admin systems and procedures. Being a mother of 2 Rebecca is not afraid to ensure the fitters are following company structure. Constantly looks for ways to improve how we do things, Rebecca is a great fit to the team and brings the needed feminine touch to the office

Our Team

The support network and talent alongside us

W2 Construction employ a wide range of skilled individuals who are dedicated to producing fantastic results. It's a delight to receive the amount of calls and emails about the customer service and attention to detail our team put in that we do. We carry a range of experienced tradesmen from site supervisors to labourers, and everything in between. 
We also have apprentice workers learning alongside some of our more experienced staff, who are dedicated to W2 and enjoy the prospect of building their career path with us. Without our team of tradesmen alongside us W2 wouldn't be able to pull of the excellence that we do 

manegement team
our office
the team


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